Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Getting outside of myself

I keep trying to put myself in situations were I have to stretch and grow a little. Last night was one of those times.

One of my passions is nutrition. I have been grinding my own wheat and making bread and other goodies for about 5 years now. (Will blog more about that at a later date).

Last night we had a women's event where we got together for soup and homemade (by me) bread and then I gave a little talk and demonstration.

Even though it was a relatively small group of women and all women that I know well and love (and know they love me), I was a little nervous. But once I got into it, I started having fun. Everyone seemed to learn and get excited. What a wonderful feeling.

Teaching teenagers is old hat - but adults - that is a newer experience - one that I am finding that I love. (and I'm not bad at it).

I'm learning again to get outside of myself, relax, and just go for it (when doing things I'm afraid of).

I actually took some pictures of projects over the weekend - but haven't had time to get them on my computer - so I promise to add more pictures to this blog soon. But want to try to just keep blogging - to try to figure this whole thing out.

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