Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Chance Encounter

Yesterday I made an off-hand comment to a colleague of mine about having to leave work on time to go to my painting class. She shared that she painted as well and suddenly a casual friendship went a step deeper. There is something so nice about finding out that you share similar interests with another person. She showed me pictures of some of her paintings and I went to class even more inspired.

One of my goals last year was to take an art class. I have thought about doing so for years, but always chickened out. Finally, last summer, my parents gave me some money towards a class and I picked one out of a the course catalogue and signed up. It was a three day college workshop. I loved it. I loved how friendly and generous the other students were. I loved the teacher. From there I got up the courage to sign-up for a 9 -week acrylic painting class with the same teacher. I was so nervous. Would I suddenly discover that I had no talent whatsoever and that I should just give up? The first class was awkward, but I stuck it out. Again, everyone was so encouraging. I was beginning to doubt myself but kept going and decided to just have fun. I am taking the class again - as a "second quarter" student -so it is less scary and I can be the one to encourage the "first quarter" students. I'm not brilliant, but I continue to have fun and continue to learn and grow and that's what it's really all about.

And one of these days I may get up the courage to post some pictures of my paintings... :-)

How Cool

Tentatively checked my blog this morning to see if by chance anyone had left a comment. And someone did - how exciting - someone whose blog I have been reading for a while and had finally made a comment on. So thanks CAMMYK from Freckled Farm (and fellow magazine-aholic) for being the first - that is too exciting!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Today is the Day

No more procrastination. No more trying to figure it all out in my head first. Today I am posting my first post on my first ever blog. What can I show you? - well - let me start with a quilt. A couple of years ago - Country Living Magazine (March 2005, I believe) did a spread on Jennifer Paganelli and her new line of fabric - Sis Boom. I fell head over heals in love!!! When visiting my parents in Florida I found the fabric at a nearby quilt shop and bought some. When I got home, I asked my mother to buy some more :-). She did. She sent it to me for my birthday - the package apparently was stolen off my back door. :-(. I ordered more online. It did not get stolen. I finally found a quilt pattern I liked. I got up my courage and started making the quilt. My first quilt in years. My first sewing project in years. I cut it out. I discovered an error in the pattern and had to rework everything. I got the front pieced together - JOY! Sis Boom fabric went on sale. I ordered 11 yards for the back and to make a shower curtain. It also got stolen from my front yard. I was able to order some more. I got it put together. Found someone to quilt it for me. I put the binding on and finished it. Much joy!!! I can't tell you how good it felt, in spite of the frustrations, to accomplish this. And my addiction to quilting and sewing kicked back in. This was about a year ago that I finished the quilt. In the process I have discovered other wonderful fabric designers. I have discoverd the creative blog world. I have discovered wonderful shops and internet sites to buy fabric, patterns and other creative things. I recently made my first etsy purchase from one of my favority bloggers - Brin at . I am starting to get brave and leave comments on some of my favorite blogs. And finally, I have now started my own blog. Where this will lead? I have no idea. Will anyone read it? I have no idea. But I have the compulsion to start. To try. I want to find my own voice in this wonderful creative world. So here I go...